72. The First Round Results

Things get real in the play-offs as 9 of the 18 Rex Factor winners are eliminated from the competition. The results are revealed for Groups A, B and C in the first round - the scores from Ali, Graham and the combined votes of the public at large will be put together and the top three in each group will go through to the semi-finals.

For more about the play-offs, check out our blog:


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71. Play-Offs: Group C

In the last of the first round ties, Group C is a fascinating battle between medieval (William the Conqueror, Edward III & Henry V) vs. the modern (William IV, Victoria & George V). William conquered England after the Battle of Hastings, while Edward III & Henry V enjoyed military glories against France in the Hundred Years war. William IV saw the beginnings of a constitutional monarchy, helping to usher in the Great Reform Act, while Victoria was at the centre of Britain at her imperial height. George V established the Windsor dynasty amidst the turbulence of the First World War and interwar years.

As ever, YOU can help decide who goes through - click on the link below and vote for your THREE favourites:

Group C Survey

The survey will close on 31 March 2014 so make sure you vote before it's too late!

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70. Play-Offs: Group B

Group B is a heavyweight affair of empires and conquerors. Cnut, a Viking, is one of a very small number of leaders to have conquered England, as well as presiding over a North Sea Empire, Henry II established the Angevin Empire (England and the 'left' of France), while Richard the Lionheart set his sights on Jerusalem and Edward I on Wales. Elizabeth I did not conquer but she presided over a golden age and saw off the Spanish Armada while William III set in motion the Glorious Revolution. Once again, YOU can help decide who goes through - click on the link below and vote for your THREE favourites:

Group B Survey Link

The survey will close on 31 March 2014 so make sure you vote before it's too late!

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69. Play-Offs: Group A

So the play-offs finally begin. There are three rounds and in the opening round we have three groups of six, which for Group A consists of Alfred the Great, Athelstan, Henry I, Edward IV, Henry VIII & Charles II. In this episode, we look at all the monarchs together, factor by factor, and debate who should come out on top. But who goes through will be determined by voting, so once you've listened to the episode, click on the link below and vote for your THREE favourites:

Group A Survey Link

The survey will close on 31 March 2014 so make sure you vote before then to have your say. If you have any problems with the survey, email rexfactorpodcast@hotmail.com

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Dynasty - Vote Now!

Ahead of recording the play-off episodes, we're having a trial run for how the voting will work.

Before you have to decide on your favourite monarchs, have a think about which is your favourite dynasty. Do you prefer the early, nation-building days of the Saxons? Does history begin with the Normans and their castles? The medieval might of the Plantagenets and the Wars of Roses with Lancaster vs. York? Perhaps the ever-popular Tudor soap opera or the ups and downs of the Stuarts? Alternatively, maybe your tastes are more modern with the Hanoverians or the Windsors.

Whatever you choice, just click on the link below and cast your vote:

Dynasty Survey

68. The Play-Off Draw

After 67 episodes, three and a half years and numerous broken bones (all belonging to Ali) we have reviewed all the Kings and Queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. We were left with 18 monarchs standing tall and proud atop the Rex Factor mountain but no mountain is big enough for England's greatest monarchs so we are going to decide who is the greatest of them all. In this episode, we explain how the play-offs will work, how the monarchs will be drawn and how YOU will help us decide!

While the play-offs are underway, check out our new blog https://rexfactor.wordpress.com for more information.

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67. Elizabeth II: The Review (Part 3/3)

After three years we finally complete the journey "From Alfred the Great to Elizabeth the Second" as in this episode we review the reign of Elizabeth II. Given that the Queen is still reigning, these are effectively provisional scores as we don't yet have sufficient perspective on how certain events will be viewed in 30 years time, nor the full knowledge of what the Queen's role has been in the affairs of the nation and the world behind the scenes. We will also not be considering whether or not she has the Rex Factor (it's just too soon!) but there's plenty to enjoy in our final episode of this series before we return for the play-offs in 2014!

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66. Elizabeth II: 1953-2013 (Part 2/3)

The Queen was just 27 years old when she was crowned in 1953 and in this episode we look at her life and reign from 1953 to the present day - history becomes the present! This episode takes us from the glitz and glamour of the 1950s and her tour of the Commonwealth, through the scandals and disasters of the royal family in the 1980s and 1990s to the hugely successful Diamond Jubilee of 2012.

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65. Elizabeth II: 1926-53 (Part 1/3)

From Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II - as Rex Factor's journey through the monarchs of England reaches its close, we finally come to THE Queen! In the first of three episodes, we examine the biography of Princess Elizabeth up to and including her coronation in 1953.

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New Episodes Coming Soon

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say thank you very much to everyone who sent in kind messages for Ali. I'm happy to report that he's now much better and we're going to start recording Elizabeth II next week, so stick with us and we'll be back soon!

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