8. Edgar the Peaceable

After several difficult reigns, Edgar oversees something of a golden age for the Anglo-Saxons and despite his nickname is also a rather colourful character to boot. In our longest podcast thus far we encounter our toughest decision yet when it comes to assessing whether or not Edgar the not-so-peaceable is worthy of the Rex Factor.

7. Eadwig

Eadwig's accession to the throne in 955 sees a new generation wearing the crown in Anglo-Saxon England, but the ministers of state remain the same and from the very start Eadwig finds himself at odds with Dunstan, Odo and Eadgifu. Will the third boy king, with a penchant for scandal, be able to win the struggle for control of his kingdom?

6. Eadred

At 23 years old, Eadred is perhaps a little old to be the second "boy king", which is just as well because facing him is the most notorious Viking to grace these shores: Eric Bloodaxe! Will this grandson of Alfred the Great have the stomach for the fight? Will he even have the stomach for his dinner?