18. William Rufus

By the Holy Face of Lucca, it's William II! Better known as William Rufus, the favourite son of William the Conqueror who inherits the English throne while his older brother, Robert, takes on the Duchy of Normandy. Thanks to the writings of disapproving monks (not least the saintly Anselm), Rufus has often been condemned as a bad king. However, can a man wearing pointy shoes, cracking jokes and winning fame even from the monks for being a great chivalrous knight be all bad? There's a lot more to Rufus than an unfortunate hunting accident in the New Forest!

17. William the Conqueror

After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror has defeated Harold II and the Saxons and the Normans are now ruling England. However, he still has to quell a persistent English Resistance featuring characters such as Edgar the Aetheling (the last Saxon prince) and Hereward the Wake. Will they be able to restore the Saxons to power? Do they know how angry William gets when people oppose him? And most importantly of all, can William cement his place in history by earning the coveted Rex Factor?