Who’s Who - Henry VI

Things get complicated this week as we cover the Wars of the Roses. Major figures are killed/captured/exiled/restored from month to month and if that is not enough some people even have the cheek to swap sides! In case you start to lose track of who is who, check out our handy guide! https://rexfactor.wordpress.com/english-monarchs/whos-who/lancastrians/whos-who-henry-vi/

31. Henry VI (Wars of the Roses)

Henry V's untimely death in 1422 leaves a baby on the throne in the form of Henry VI and marks a total reversal in English fortunes. Disasters in France at the hands of Joan of Arc are eclipsed by the Wars of the Roses, with the Yorkist forces of Richard Duke of York and Warwick the Kingmaker facing off against the Lancastrians led by Margaret of Anjou and the Beaufort family. This is a dramatic period of numerous battles and the deaths of the most high profile figures in the land and amidst this chaos is a man clearly not well suited to the role of king and who proves to be one of the least capable monarchs in English history.

Who’s Who - Henry V

Can't quite remember which person is doing what to whom as the episode progresses? Not sure which side everybody is on for the Wars of the Roses? Check out our handy Who's Who guide to the reign of Henry V for a brief summary of the key players: https://rexfactor.wordpress.com/english-monarchs/whos-who/lancastrians/whos-who-henry-v/

30. Henry V

In 1413 we welcome one of England's most legendary kings to the throne, Henry V. After the trials and tribulations of his father, Henry V makes this 'kinging' business look rather easy, unifying his country before popping off to France and winning unprecedented victories against the French, most notably at the Battle of Agincourt. Military triumph, national unity and pious streak suggests the makings of the perfect medieval king, but some historians have criticised him for his brutality and lack of fun. Does Henry V deserve his legendary status? Is he worthy of the Rex Factor crown? Only one way to find out!