47. Anne

The tumultuous Stuart dynasty comes to an end in this episode with Queen Anne, but otherwise it's an era of new beginnings. John Churchill (Duke of Marlborough) leads England to military glory against Louis XIV, particularly at Blenheim, while at home the Act of Union with Scotland sees the creation of Great Britain. In many ways a glorious reign, and yet Anne's reputation has never been very good. Has she been unfairly sullied by her once best friend, Sarah Churchill, or is history right to forget the last of the Stuarts?

46. William & Mary (Glorious Revolution)

With the removal of James II in 1688 in the Glorious Revolution came the unusual position of joint rulers: the husband and wife team of William III and Mary II. William held executive power and spent most of his time fighting wars against his arch nemesis, Louis XIV of France (the Sun King), as well as stopping James II clawing his way back to England. As well as the wars, this was a period of significant constitutional and economic development that would be vital in forming the modern British state. William and Mary may have shared the throne, but will they be able to share the Rex Factor?