63. George VI: Review (2/2)

Having covered his life and reign, this week on Rex Factor we review George VI. Hear of his exploits serving in the battle of Jutland, doing his bit in the Second World War and stoically keeping calm and carrying on through speech impediment, ill health and nationalisation. Does his record in two world wars grant him battleyness beyond compare? Does his dedication and oversight of the National Health Service win him subjectivity points to be dreamed of? Did he even bother chasing after scandal? And most importantly, does the last king of England have the Rex Factor?

62. George VI: Biography (Part 1/2)

After the shock of the Abdication Crisis in 1936, George VI came to the throne in less than ideal circumstances. And with a history of ill health, a stammer and an aversion to the limelight, George was perhaps less than the ideal future monarch. However, in his favour was a strong sense of duty, personal stoicism and a charismatic wife in the form of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - just as well, as after the Abdication Crisis came the Second World War. In this episode, we examine George VI's life, the Second World War and one of the most famous figures in British history, Sir Winston Churchill. In the next episode, we'll just go straight in to reviewing him and deciding whether or not he has the Rex Factor.