S2.21 Donald III (Donaldbain)

The death of Malcolm III in 1093 (as well as his son and queen) left a power vacuum in Scotland. Despite having 5 sons, it was Malcolm's brother, Donald III (Donaldbain in Shakespeare's Macbeth), who decided to take advantage and steal the throne. After thirty years of stability under Malcolm, Donald III took Scotland back to the chaotic years of dynastic wars of succession. With the English king, William Rufus, keen to have his own man on the throne, Donald would have to use all his craftiness to hold on to his crown - but could he outlast his rivals?

The Battle of Waterloo (Premium Episode)

In our first ever special episode, we take an in-depth look at the Battle of Waterloo - an epic battle that brought to a close nearly 30 years of warfare in Europe after the French Revolution. In particular, we focus the three commanders in the battle: Napoleon (France); Wellington (Britain and her Allies), and Blucher (Prussia). Napoleon was meant to be finished when he was exiled to Elba but his dramatic escape in 1814 heralded the beginning of an incredible campaign and one of the biggest and most significant battles in European history. Who would come out on top in the battle and which of the three commanders would win our hearts - the genius and ambition of Napoleon, the discipline and dry wit of Wellington or the half-mad passion of Blucher?