Isambard Kingdom Brunel

In our latest special episode we look at the great Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, exploring his life and character as well as some of his most famous projects including the Thames Tunnel, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Great Western Railway and his huge steamships. But will his grandiose ambitions and delight in danger prove his undoing?

S2.34 David II

After the glories of Robert the Bruce, there was a lot to live up to for David II - which would not be easy, given that he was only a few years old, facing an adult dynastic rival in the form of Edward Balliol and a resurgent England under the mighty Edward III determined to get revenge for past defeats. Throw into the mix a new generation of nobles with little respect for royal authority and a nation ravaged by war and it all amounted to a rather tricky prospect. Could David II follow in his father's footsteps or would it be back to the bad old days for Scotland?