S2.36 Robert III

For the last century, the problem for Scotland's monarchs was a lack of male heirs. In 1386, there were too many! Robert III was in his fifties and in poor health meaning his first brother, the Earl of Fife, was effectively running the country while his second brother, Alexander "the Wolf" of Badenoch, was causing chaos in the north. Throw into the mix Robert's eldest son, David, with an increasingly independent streak and a spot of bother with the English and it all makes for a tricky time of it! Will Robert III be able to come out on top or will this be another weak reign for the Scots?

S2.35 Robert II

The accession of Robert II in 1371 marks the start of the royal Stewart dynasty in Scotland. In some ways, Robert had much more going for him than David - plenty of sons, Edward III in his old age (then Richard II in his minority) meant he was able to shore up his position both within Scotland and with England. However, Robert was already in his mid-50s when he became king and his adult sons proved to be ruthlessly ambitious and determined to gain power. Would the first Stewart king win the Rex Factor for starting a new dynasty, or would that same dynasty be the thing to hold him back?