S2.44 Mary Queen of Scots: Review

Mary Queen of Scots had one of the most dramatic lives and reigns (and, unusually, post-reigns) in Scottish history, taking in a French upbringing, the Reformation, three husbands, civil war and English imprisonment. But when this is all put together, how well will she score and will one of the most famous names in history be worthy of the Rex Factor?

S2.43 Mary Queen of Scots: Biography (Part 2/2)

In our first episode, Mary had escaped Henry VIII, briefly been Queen Consort of France and ruled pretty successfully as Queen of Scots. By 1565, she had married the dashing Lord Darnley (who, like Mary, had a claim to the English throne) and seen off a rebellion by her Protestant half-brother, the Earl of Moray. However, the second half of her life would be even more dramatic than the first. Mary would have to face a vain and jealous husband, scheming Scottish nobles and Elizabeth I's chief advisor, William Cecil, determined to stop her ever becoming Queen of England.

S2.42 Mary Queen of Scots: Biography (Part 1/2)

Mary Queen of Scots is one of (if not the) most famous names in Scottish and British history, and with good reason. A dramatic reign that began when she was only six days old which saw her and Scotland dragged into international conflicts between England, Spain and France as well as the religious conflict with the Protestant Reformation. We are giving ourselves three episodes to cover Mary and this first biography episode takes us from her birth through the 'Rough Wooing' and her minority up to the peak of her personal rule in Scotland in 1565.