Rex Factor on The Young ‘Uns Podcast

Ali and Graham had a great time a few months back as the guests on the podcast of the highly acclaimed, award-winning folk group The Young 'Uns in front of a live audience and now you can hear the results! We talk about Rex Factor, history, do a history quiz and sing a song about Anne Boleyn (everyone sings that, not just a duet!) It was a lot of fun to do so definitely worth a listen via the link below:

If you've not encountered The Young 'Uns (twice winners of Best Group at the BBC2 Folk Awards, don't you know!) before then please do check them out as they're absolutely brilliant and a lot of fun:


S2.45 James VI (I of England)

For the first time ever, we review a monarch for the second time! James VI is the last monarch in our Scottish series, coming to the throne in the midst of his civil war with his mother, Mary Queen of Scots, trying to reclaim her throne. Scotland is a violent and divided nation for James growing up, but if he can survive and prosper where his predecessors fail, the glittering prize of the English throne awaits. Will James VI finish the series on a high and succeed where he failed in the English series and take the Rex Factor?