S2.48 Scottish Playoffs: Group B

It's another heavyweight contest in the second of our play-off bouts: Kenneth II (971-95), Malcolm II (1005-35), David I (1124-53) and James IV (1488-1513). There's the enticing prospect of a father/son battle with Kenneth II (killed by an elaborate statue) and Malcolm II (the dynastic serial killer). David I oversaw a revolution in governance and gained huge territory during the (English) Anarchy while James IV presided over Scotland's Renaissance. We compare them all, factor-by-factor, but once you've listened it will be your chance to decide who goes through to the Grand Final.

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S2.47 Scottish Play-Offs: Group A

The Scottish Rex Factor play-offs kick off in style with Constantine II (900-43), Malcolm III (1058-93), Alexander III (1249-86) and James II (1437-60) do battle for a place in the Grand Final. Listen to the episode to hear the four monarchs compared and then it's down to you to help decide who goes through to the final. Will it be Constantine II with his battles against the Vikings and Athelstan? Malcolm III for slaying Macbeth and seeing Scotland through the upheavals of 1066? Maybe Alexander III with his conquest of the Western Isles and a golden age (plus the nuns!) or James II, murderer of the Earl Douglas and blown up by his own cannon. The choice is yours (and also ours, it's a joint effort).

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S2.46 Scottish Play-Off Draw

We have reviewed all the Kings and Queens of Scots from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI and found 13 Rex Factor winners, but who was the greatest of them all? In this episode, we explain our play-off system and make the draw to see which monarchs will be facing off against each other.