S3.02 Ealhswith

We get the third series properly underway with out first consort: Ealhswith, who married King Alfred the Great. Biographical information is not extensive for Ealhswith, but we piece it all together and then find out from Alfred himself exactly why Ealhswith seems to have been neglected in the histories by taking a deeper look at Anglo-Saxon queenship.

Empress Matilda

The Empress Matilda should have been England's first Queen regnant, only to see the throne stolen by her cousin, Stephen, in 1135, leading to a civil war popularly known as the Anarchy. She didn't get an episode in our first series but now she receives the special treatment in a bonus episode. How did Matilda come so close to ruling England? Why was she never crowned? And, most importantly of all, does she have the Rex Factor?

S3.01 Consort Introduction and Agrippina

Welcome to Series 3 of Rex Factor! This time we will be reviewing all the Queen and Prince Consorts of England from Ealhswith to Prince Philip. In this introductory episode, we explain how we will be reviewing consorts (as opposed to monarchs) in each of the factors and then have an interview with Privy Councillor Dr Emma Southon, who has written a brilliant book on a Roman Consort, Agrippina.

You can follow Emma on Twitter (@NuclearTeeth) and her website https://www.emmasouthon.com Her podcast is History is Sexy (@SexyHistoryPod) and her book on Agrippina is "Agrippina: Empress, Exile, Hustler, Whore".

You can find the Worst Foot Forward podcast on Twitter (@WorstFoot) and https://www.worstfootforwardpodcast.com

Viral History Podcast

Ali and I appeared on the brilliant Viral History podcast where they interviewed us about all things Rex Factor, including our forthcoming new series. Have a listen to it here:


We had a lot of fun doing it and if you've not encountered them before then it's well worth checking out their other podcasts and YouTube channel.

Battle of the Queens (Live)

In our final live show of November 2018 we were in Glasgow for the Battle of the Queens where Mary Queen of Scots took on Elizabeth I, Queen of England. They were rivals in life but who would be the victor in history?