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Special Episodes

Rex Factor is a free podcast but we are now offering special, premium episodes. If you are a Privy Councillor (i.e. donating to the podcast every month) then you get all our special episodes for free! Otherwise, for just $2 a time, get a special, in-depth episode on some fascinating topics! 

The Battle of Waterloo

Ali and Graham look at the epic 1815 battle and in particular the three commanders: Napoleon (France), Wellington (Anglo-Allies) and Blucher (Prussia).

William the Marshal

In our second premium episode, we review the medieval knight and courtier William the Marshal, who served the first four Plantagenet monarchs and was famed as a great and loyal knight as well as being involved in the creation of Magna Carta and seeing off a French invasion.

Ali's Dissertation

For the first time, Ali is in control! He takes the role of expert for the day by explaining his dissertation about Edward I, the Eighth/Ninth Crusade and the influence this had on his Welsh campaigns and magnificent Welsh castles (as well as how he managed to justify studying Edward I for his Middle Eastern Studies degree!)

Thomas Becket

We investigate one of the most notorious incidents in English history - the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket. We look at who Thomas was before he became Archbishop, his relationship with Henry II and the dispute which had such tragic and infamous consequences.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

We look at the great Victorian engineer, Brunel, his life, character and some of his most famous projects including the Thames Tunnel, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Great Western Railway and his huge steamships.

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