S2.7 Donald II

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After the Alpin dynasty was sent packing by Giric and/or Eochaid, it came roaring back in 889 with Donald II, winning back the throne after a decade in Irish exile. However, it's one thing to defeat Giric but there are still the tricky issue of Vikings on the horizon - could Donald finally see off the Scandinavian party poopers or would yet another Scottish king be laid low before his time?

S2.6 Giric and/or Eochaid

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After the memorably unmemorable reign of Aed (#RememberAed) came to  an end in 878, things get rather uncertain in Scotland. So, this week we review Giric...or Eochaid...or is it Giric AND Eochaid? Who is really wearing the crown and will they deserve the Rex Factor?

S2.5 Aed

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The year 877 was not an easy time for Aed to come to the throne. After a decade of Viking raids, Aed's brother, Constantine I, had been killed and the kingdom was in a precarious position. It would take a strong and skillful ruler to overcome such difficulties, but is Aed that man?


S2.4 Constantine I

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It's Vikings o'clock in this episode, with saga legends like Olaf the White, Ivar the Boneless and the Sons of Ragnar swarming across Britain. The Great Heathen Army of the 860s-70s has its mind on conquest and the action is ceaseless across Ireland, England and Scotland. Battles are fought, kings are slain, kingdoms fall and everything is in flux. Constantine has his own particular strategy but will it pay off?

S2.3 Donald I

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After Kenneth MacAlpin started a new, Scottish dynasty in wake of a Pictish defeat to the Vikings, it was left to his brother, Donald I, to carry on where he left off. Donald seems largely to have done this but sadly the annals of history have not found an awful lot to say about him but nevertheless a few key questions do arise. Who was his mother? What's going on in Dalriata? And, perhaps most pressingly, what's happened to his trousers?

S2.2 Kenneth MacAlpin

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The new series starts properly in this episode as review our first monarch, Kenneth MacAlpin. After the leading Picts were wiped out by the Vikings in 839, Kenneth emerged from the murky past to take the throne of both the Picts and the Scots. But Kenneth is a man of mystery: where did he come from? How did he take the throne? What happened to the Picts? And why does he smell of fish? But most importantly, does he have the Rex Factor?

S2.1 Scottish Backgroundy Stuff

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Rex Factor is back! After reviewing all the monarchs of England, now we turn our attention to Scotland. Before we get onto the kings and queens, however, we provide some background to the history of Scotland: stone houses, Hadrian's Wall, Vikings, Saint Columba and the Loch Ness Monster - and much more besides!

Questions and Answers (Part 2/2)

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In the second part of our question and answers podcast, we continue to answer the questions sent in to us by the audience. Next time, we'll be back with a new series on the kings and queens of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI.

Questions and Answers (Part 1/2)

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While we get ourselves prepared for the new series of Rex Factor (the Kings and Queens of Scotland), we invited you to send in any questions you have about us, the podcast, or history in general. We wanted to get through as many questions as possible and had great fun answering them, so rather than editing the episode down we decided to split it in half, so this is the first part of the Q&A podcast. Enjoy!

Ask Us Anything

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Rex Factor will soon be returning for a new series reviewing all the Kings and Queens of Scotland but before we start the new series, we're going to have a Question and Answers podcast to bridge the gap. This is your chance to ask us any questions you might have had while listening to the podcast: specific questions about a king or queen, other characters or events you have enjoyed, questions about Ali and Graham and the 'behind the scenes' of Rex Factor - whatever you like, this is your chance to ask! You can send us your questions on Facebook, Twitter (@rexfactorpod), on our blog (rexfactor.wordpress.com) or email us (rexfactorpodcast@hotmail.com).

If you do want to ask us any questions then please send your questions to us by Thursday 18 September as we will be recording our responses the next day.

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